So, it often occurs to me that I have a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Not so much now, as I have various defined medical conditions, described by learned medical men; but not to dwell on that. When I see neatly parked cars in a sunny street sitting quietly and attentively in a suburban street, I am given to tranquil reassuring thoughts. I would suggest here that my senses, that I rely on for the closest thing to certainty in this life are deceiving me. This is completely rational and goeas as follows. If I observe lots of old parked cars, sitting quietly on a suburban street, I would insitnctively conclude that road accidents, where cars (and people) are damaged and misshapen do not happen, or if I reject this as logically impossible, then unlikely to happen.

If, however, I look down a busy city road in central Athens, with dented vehicles and swerving, weaving traffic, I am more than likely to conclude that accidents are an ordinary part of everyday driving experience.

In one scenario, I am left with a feeling of calm and wellbeing, where I would rationally undertake to drive as a result as a conclusion and the other where, if I were to consider learning to drive, I would have to go against my better instinct and judgement.

More to follow…..


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