Daily Dose

My theory on atheism as a response to Catholicism is interesting to me. I mean, if your beliefs are seen to be a hollow shell of ceremony and tradition then the obvious reaction is to nullify them. ie no one really believes in ANYTHING type of thing. This is an example of a role model that might influence people growing up. So it goes, Catholicism – militant atheism – to supersition – to Catholicism. We are all part of one whole. You can’t detach atheism from a firm belief in God, they are dependent on each other in a way. This is philosophical; it is a conviciton that we are shaping one malleable whole in our beliefs.

On Envy playing a part. I noticed envy even in the supermarket the other day when I picked up a large chocolate cake. Honestly! Envy at that – me in my rags with a chocolate cake. They must have thought, that would do me, along with their blanched white bread and floury scones. Something as small as that. At least, I think the reaction was envy. I always say about envy that it is irrational because you don’t want to be the person you envy, you just want something or an aspect of that person in isolation – to add on to what you already have. You never, if you really think about it, want to BE that person. – what do you think – ?

Cheers for now, keep well



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