How do we know? – philosophy update

So, we can conclude form this that I am both relying on my senses to make a decision. I am sonehow giving my senses the credit of being objective whilst at the same time reaching the wrong or inaccurate result because of this reliance. I have been deceived. What do I do in a situation like this? Can I extrapolate that just because in one example my senses are misleading me, that in other examples this is also the case. The question I would ask, is what do we really know? If I wanted to find out how likely a motor accident would be, and by extension, how likely I would be to crash, then I would have to do a thorough survey of all driving conditions or look logically at a set of statistics. The thorough visual survey is unrealistic and relies on my own consistency as a driver. A statistician could tell me – you have a one in a hundred chance of being involved in an accident but this seems at best unsatisfactory. In short, we can know very little accurately about the world based on our senses. Some people say we can only know for the time of the sensation until a contradictory sensation comes along…..


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