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New Song. Released today. ‘Tour of the Island’

Snippet video of first of my songs to be released!

I have been working for some time on pieces of music, more correctly songs, that I hope entertain and inform. I intend to post them here soon or at least a sample and links to where you can buy them. Some are acapella, some, as part of Dr. Wallace, are acoustic numbers.

Here is the link to the first single release:


Hot off the Press – New Poem! Sea, Like a Carpet

Sea Like a Carpet by Duncan Wallace

Sea like a carpet, crinkled up.
Rough movement

Oriental pattern, complicated, stormeee
European abstract
Formless, flowing, free
Whatever you are, you are almost always in a clash
With smoother, deeper piles
Held to the floor with fancy tacks

You are wide and boundless
What’s visible to me
Is constantly fluctuating
Like your being waved in the air, beaten
Tripped over

Constantly at sea
You see, your flexible fibrous nature, is
At One with me
Peace in strife
Calming colours

You are wall to wall
Horizon bound
Socks, no shoes, please
Tints the blue, you see.

Lou Reed. The End

Farewell Lou Reed – you will be sorely missed. Difficult to imagine a bigger or better combination of sheer talent and imagination….and humour

‘One chord is fine,’ he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. ‘Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.’

We always hope more is possible from our idols. We dream that they will go on forever. Perhaps somewhere, somehow, they do.