Poem. Monster of the Slums. A giveaway at the price. (free)

Monster of the Slums

In the network of streets we tread, beneath our feet
In the tenemented halls, stacked
Poly-topped, absurd
In this creeping network, dimly lit

Stalks a masked marauder
A murderer it seems
Who walks the streets by daytime.
At night retreats the scene
To stalk and creep
Round flats, where people once lived.

Grinding coffee for broken machines
Until at last
There’s someone there to scare

First he frightens you
With his scarred face
And daring glare
Turns down the lights
Flickering bulb, then bare.

Then he sticks the knife in
You’re in his lair
Perhaps he’ll electrocute you

With those things you use to straighten your hair.

Look out – there’s a monster in the slums.
When’s he comin, where’s he going, that miser over there?


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