Relativism – big word, simple meaning I think – Philosophy

When I get on the train, and assuming I have eaten and slept well and I am not suffering from any malady such as a sore head or upset stomach, I board the train and quite naturally start thinking about my destination. Most often, I imagine it in glowing terms with the prospect of exciting outcomes, new vistas and vital conversations with friendly strangers who lead me to interesting discoveries! – special for me, on that day. In fact, I am deluded.

Speaking factually, it cannot be the case that every destination holds this special potential and I can only conclude that I am projecting an image or form of an idea I have of my destination for the best possible outcome. This means I am deceived by my senses to the extent that I center my feelings of optimism and positivity in the direction of my self, where I am going that day will be the special place, the place of intrigue, truth and endeavour. Looked at from another perspective, it is ‘just another day’ for the vast majority of the inhabitants.

I would conclude in short terms that our morality must be based on the self or projected from the self.


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