Way to Vote. Referendum to the World

i worked out which way to vote in the referendum…this is my argument…

Vincent Van Gogh. Madman. Look it up anywhere, in any enyclopedia. How mad was he – well, they say. he was so mad, he even cut his ear off and posted it to his lover. You could go to almost any country in the world and ask someone and they would say, isn’t he that tortured genius type who cut off his ear. I even went to an exhibition and I said ‘ amazing paintings’ and this lady said, ‘completely insane of course’. So there it is, you grow up, vaguely knowing that some people are mad and that they are sometimes artists. However, if a scotsman had known Vincent, he would have said ‘How’s you? What went on there Vincent ma man? Wh’yve ye cut yer ear aff? He would enquire as to WHY it happened. He would also sympathise and not stigmatise Vincent. We got into this chat about ears and stuff and realised we scots ARE different. What i’m saying is, if you look into causes and sympathise with your fellow human being then you can change the course of history. Was Van Gogh mad? Scotland – maybe, don’t know. Europe/rest of world- long since decided he was a madman.

So there you have it –  we ARE different wha’s lik us? as they say?

Vote Yes.


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