Psychology. New Metaphor. Switch On/Switch Off Parenting

I like my lamp analogy too….maybe they could use it in psychology.  I am conscious that you can discover things. So maybe this is a ‘discovery’. You put your metaphorical hand into the beam and there is an immediate reaction from your ‘big’. A freezing where you can’t move a millimetre without provoking a response – you are within the field of vision of your controller who is acutely aware of everything you do and more importantly reacts to it in an exaggerated fashion. When you remove yourself from the beam you are left, as a child,  to fumble in the darkness. To make up your own world without the ‘tagging’ of guidance or someone to set limits or sanctions on your conduct. What should this be called? It’s a weak/failed parental mechanism. Switch on/Switch Off parenting? People are switch on…switch off but they also. alongside this, just expect things to be o.k. Maybe we have trouble with authority as adults because of this?

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