Near or Far Apart – Philosophy

So, I was thinking. Battering my walking pole down on the ground, time after time. The ground is hard. It provides a shield, the appearance of a solid mass. From what I know, the earth´s core is molten, liquid; so it is in fact a shield to what is beneath. It is only a barrier, I reasoned, to the extent that we are unable to permeate it. If my aim is to perfect the tools that allow me to shatter the layer beneath my feet, then perhaps I will be successful. We have always been gouging at the ground, ploughing, more recently mining.

But what it amounts to I reflected, is really the distance between things. The space between gas molecules in the air is such that I can progress through without the appearance of any resistance whatsoever. So if this were applied to solids, and we could find a way of seperating out the particles. This would be the solution to movement…I suppose heat is the way this is done most elementally.

Perhaps, in complete space, we could move freely at speeds approaching the magical, unobtainable speed of light.

Anyway, it all seems to be about how far apart things are. In terms of energy. Perhaps we are working, using energy to draw things together or to move them apart. This is the great part of our work on the planet,


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