Further ideas: Architecture. What do you think? Natty


1. A penthouse floor of an office block. ‘The Chieftans Suite’. It will be set out in a symmetric pattern, so that a decision can be considered and made from one position, perhaps contemplating a view. Then, the alternative hypothesis or approach can be looked at from an equal but opposite point of view. By actually physically moving to an opposite environment, viewpoint, shape and surroundings, the other view can be considered. Later, a balanced, third view, a decision can be made in the neutrality of a boardroom type setting.

I will submit an example drawing of the floorplan for you to have a look at.

2. A work environment with cubby holes where people can ‘discover’ items of interest in interesting locations. For example, an abacus, and they can go on a journey discovering the significance and history of the item, relating it to their place and method of work. They can progress in this way.

3. An underground, ‘v’ shaped, glass walled, reverse skyscraper. With a circular performance space at the base. Again, I should really try to draw this.


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