Art Park Development

Ok, so I am involved in a project to make a piece of wasteland into a community resource by turning it into an urban park, with an art theme. As it turns out, the main players are to be a street food team who are going to look after the site, but I have decided to blog the progess of the idea from inception to completion.

It started with me writing some letter to my parliamentary representative asking for some improvement to a piece of waste land that greets visitors to the town I live in. It seemed such a let down for a historic town. Anyway, I suggested that tourists could get their bearings and passengers wait for trains in sunny days in a pleasant green area in an urban setting. I persevered and eventually a form of the idea was accepted with the local development agency to sell the plot to the council who, in turn would develop an urban park in the area. Tommorrow, I will post some pictures of how the land looks at the moment.

As you can see, there is a long way to go at present. I chatted over some ideas on sculpture installations and doing the place up with some local dudes and we will see how things develop.


As you may be aware, its been a long time since anything has happened on this. My original idea to transfer the small piece of land into public ownership was accepted. At that stage I was kind of opted out of the process altogether. I have been following it since through a mobile van holder who will serve food from the site – ‘street food’ – and it seems he has been out in charge of liasing on the whole project. I’m not sure of what has happened to my original art ideas I submitted to the Council and Creative Stirling but, in short, I have heard from no-one on this.

Suddenly, things sprung into life a few weeks ago after years of standstill.

Here are some pictures: Where is the Art?

Where's the Art?

Why So Conservative?

DSCN1976 DSCN1977 DSCN1978 DSCN1979 DSCN1980 DSCN1981

4th July. 2014. There is some progress here. The furniture has the look of artiness about it. Maybe this will be a success!!


The structure of the site is now complete and the ‘viewing platform’ concept effective. The space is a neutral one. However, I note it still lacks art and this is something I intend to remedy in the longer term. As of 15th March 2015, this site is empty. Flats are being built nearby.

The latest from the site is that the food van company, ‘Loving Food’ have vacated the area, so now there is mainly an empty space. I intend to apply for planning permission to install some designed bins, a corner seat and sculpture and some photo work on a gap in the wall.


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