Sociology. New Term. ‘Cementing Over’

I have come to the tentative conclusion that cultures and societies exist at different levels depending on the era. As one epoch comes and goes, so does the prevailing ideology and mores. This is apparent in the United Kingdom.

My attitude to this is that a process of ‘cementing over’ takes place, where the dominant class or culture, rather than submit to the current circumstances or better still learn from it, instinctively decides, en mass, to over surface it. Not to overthrow or overcome it but to metaphorically raise itself above the majority and place itself, intact, over and above the old order. I think this is taking place, and is repeatedly attempted. Most of the time it fails and as we become more enlightened it will do so even further. But this will not prevent others from trying to achieve the same. It is an observable, almost animal type of behaviour.

I can even point to a clear, real world example, where literal ‘cementing over’ has taken place. In the West End of Edinburgh, there is a junction. The street leading off from it is called ‘Grovesnor’ after a wealthy, titled English magnate. All around is stone and planned architecture. A small plaque on the wall reveals this as the site of a fierce battle between competing Caledonian tribes, some thousand years before. Nothing could, it seems be further removed from struggling Caledonia than concrete, fast food and Post Office, and titles from English landholders. You see, there is even literal cementing over.

What happens to the truth in these circumstances? I do wonder.


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