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Art Park Scotland

Wavy Man 001M.A.N 001punchbag 001


So, this stems from formula art which is a concept I came up with where you work according to a mechanism or formula. What is important here is the process by which the artist arrives at the result. The punchbag is a dynamic result of the interaction of the artist with the material. The left hook and right hook are actual punches into the sculpting material which are retained by the indentations in the material itself. The punchbag also implied motion and from this point of view the viewer will want to move the sculpture to bring it to life once again. He will soon realise that it has long since become static and only remembers the actions of the one artist. Perhaps, the viewer will be jealous, perhaps proud. It is a dynamic, connecting piece of work designed to hold it’s own without being imposing.

It would be cast from metal, and could be quite easily formed from the model of a real punchbag with metal cast around it. Any suggestions are of course, welcome.


Ok, so to be clear what I am saying here, I think it’s best to state the case in two phases.

First of all, I am looking at the environment surrounding the park area. In the background are the railway station and the historic Wallace monument. When you look into the story and legend of Wallace, you are left always with a number of questions whatever angle or perspective you take. Was Wallace a freedom fighter? Well, some say he was supporting the cause of John Balliol. Was he a noble? Well, some say he was a minor noble, not really of the highest rank (whatever that means) and that this makes his fight an ever more valiant one. Was he a patriot? Some say he was a traitor etc. etc. There is no real substance – so, all you can say in the face of all this ‘human nature’ is; here is a man; nothing more, nothing less, he stands, makes decisions, has hopes and dreams, he makes a stand where he is. This is what the sculpture is supposed to represent. I thought of including, mounds of brightly coloured clay or small cairns signifying his achievements, dreams, that day at work when he was better than his boss, when he invented something – that kind of thing.
Secondly, in some ways on reflection I am echoing Rabbie Burns in that ‘A Man’s A Man for aw that’. I arrived at this from a different strain of thought though.

The sculpture could be made cheaply and quickly and would have an air of absolute permanence so it has this going for it.

Wavy Man

This piece is more conceptual in nature and is really a look at how irregular and indefinable we are as people. How little we stick to one thing. In some ways, we are fluttering in the wind. Even a material like burnished metal is subject to flux and indecision. Perhaps the more nervous amongst us will see it as an outward reflection of the inner self. A kind of paranoid android. It is certainly meant to be more of a form than a detailed representation and from that point of view may be seen as an abstract work.
I hope you like it.