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New Invention Idea – Polythene Bags

Instead of charging us extra for polly bags, why not innovate? Before that charge came into place I had long thought it would be a good idea if we could invent a bag that dissolved when submerged in water. Take your shopping home, unload it, fill the sink and hey presto – your bag is gone!

Surely this would be possible.

Just another idea.


Leaves. Almost gone for the year. New Poem



Duncan Wallace

Patterned, like the stars are patterned.

Tracing a vein through semi-opaque matter, splitting and diverging into delicate fragments.

Not necessarily green but changing with the seasons, like us all.

Forming rich, red and brown hues before falling endlessly and inevitably to the ground

To be trampled underfoot or gathered up in a basket
Or with a brush,
Or hoover

‘til next year, when it will all begin again.