The Constitution

According to the Bible, at some future point, a terrible world leader will arise who will demand to be worshiped as God, THE God. Eventually he will turn on the people who have uplifted him and whom he has vowed to protect. Massive destruction will then ensue as the true nature of his violence becomes apparent.

In light of this, here is my contribution to the current debate on the constitution. It is an attempt to distinguish us in the UK from the tyrants and despots of the future who may seek to unite us under their appalling rule.

The (Jesus of Nazereth) Constitution

In setting out the Articles contained herein the writers have made a due consideration of the religious and hierarchical texts extant in the world and have considered overall that the physical body being person or entity that our leader must pay sufferance and due adherence to in every and all of his actions or otherwise is and was that man called Jesus of Nazareth. In particular, it is in the dual capacity of Jesus as both wholly man and wholly God that we respectfully determine his authority as the ultimate guide, shepherd and lawgiver to our Sovereign. The laws he is beholden to are of moral authority and reckoning and serve not as a codified supremacy. They are meant rather as laws of ultimate moral authority to which the populace may appeal in times of national and personal peril. It shall remain at the discretion and behest of our Sovereign what means and from these appeals shall take.
The following are set out in general terms as arbiters of moral conduct in no particular order of importance namely:

Article 1
Our Sovereign shall make as his aim the suitable, sustainable and healthy sustenance of his people by making all efforts to ensure a stable, affordable and liberal supply of food.
Article 2
Our Sovereign will store up treasure in the life hereafter by carrying out good offices of state for and on behalf of his people.
Article 3
Our Sovereign will make others aware of those he considers to be predicting events falsely or erroneously
Article 4
Our Sovereign will make his professed aim the curing of the sick and easing of the condition of the frail by means he deems provident.
Article 5 Take responsibility for the misdemeanours and wrongs of others
Article 6 Establish Trades
Article 7 Defend those who appear persecuted of are weak
Article 8 Establish peace where at all possible. Aim to establish peace.
Article 9 Encourage people to behave in a way beneficial and useful to their communities
Article 10 Be faithfull to the law
Article 11 Set an example by ‘turning the other cheek’
Article 12 Simple communication. Communication by example
Article 13 Set out terms of forgiveness when wronged.
Article 14 Practice the secret giving of alms and charity
Article 15 Aim to consider one’s own faults before making judgements.
Article 16 Not to be in service to any other
Article 17 Not to be ostentatious in the display of wealth
Article 18 Aim to perfect things.
Article 19 Pay due attention to detail

Finally, not to impersonate the former and present Jesus of Nazareth and act in his stead, rather to promote and act in preparation for his return.



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